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Chris Gained The Power Of Being Fed Up!

This week I finally got round to watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Edgar Wright’s screen adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastically quirky¬† comic book series. Like the series, its a very funny, geeky gem and features some fantasitcally OTT action sequences that have been ripped almost right off the page.

One of my favourite moments comes towards the end of the flick when Scott “achieves” various emotions/states of being, which allows him to progress a level and also gives him a cool looking sword.

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), and one badass blade

In a perfect world, this would happen everytime you got a new emotional response. And in the last week or so I’d have got the weapon of “Being fed up”.

This happened because work has been a major drag of late, the afterglow of good feeling from Sri Lanka has finally dissipated completely and I need a change of scene. In a way its a good thing because like the saying goes:

Contentment is the enemy of invention.

To tell the truth I’ve been fed up for a while, but in the last year or so I’ve at least become slightly more proactive about it. My lack of contentment and frustration with my crappy job have inspired me to try and make some changes in my life,¬† I’ve got some travelling under my belt and tried some new things (internet dating, actively trying to lose weight) and I plan to continue down this way.

I used to be happy unwinding after work with a movie or a few hours of hardcore internet pornography, but this wasn’t solving the problem, it was just giving me a break from it.

And my first idea was to have another break, going for a weekend away, preferably before Christmas. I drew up a shortlist of possible destinations (Dublin, Barcelona, Moscow, Hamburg, Prague) before a frontrunner emerged, a return to Amsterdam. An entire weekend in a weed-induced haze.

But at the end of the weekend I’d have to come back.

And then I came up with a new plan. Rich and Dan are off in China teaching English and both seem to be enjoying it, so I figure I might also go abroad to teach.

So I’ll do a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and try and then start looking for jobs somewhere else. I don’t think I’d go for China, I’m not sure I’d fit in a country that strict and while I’d love to visit there someday I don’t fancy living there. So having looked at the website here are the 5 countries I’d most like to go to, in order of preference:

1. Japan
2. Thailand
3. Brazil
4. Argentina
5. Czech Republic

So hopefully this time next year I’ll be thousand of miles away in a foreign country and no longer doing my crappy job.

I have lots of stupid plans and crazy schemes but I will follow through on this, and even if it goes tits up and I end up loathing it, at least it’ll be an experience.

I might still try to fit in a weekend in Amsterdam though.


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